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The REGENA Academy was founded in 2002 by Mrs. Monique Stahlkopf. Its designated aim is the conveyance of 50 years collected REGENA-Therapy treasure trove of experience to a wide range of professionals.

Lectures and seminars are being offered to physicians, therapists using natural methods and pharmacists in order to train them to become competent therapists and advisors in the use of the therapy.

Our education program is usually offered as a full day event:

  • Full-day seminars for physicians and healthcare practitioners in Switzerland, Germany and Austria
  • Lectures in cooperation with professional associations
  • Lectures for pharmacists in cooperation with wholesalers
  • Special week-long part time seminars in holiday resorts.

Our educational concept for practitioners offers a two-step training: Basic and Expert seminars.

Detailed information can be found here :

We offer special lectures as an introduction to the REGENA-Therapy to pharmacists and their assistants.  Advanced studies then can be carried through within the scope of the regular program (in German and French).