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What are REGENAPLEX® remedies?

REGENAPLEX® remedies are homeopathic complex remedies, which can be combined on a modular principle for each patient individually .


They contain the same plant extracts, minerals, animal substances, etc., as the single agents in classical homeopathy and are, without exception, combined and prescribed according to their holistic effect on the entire metabolism.

REGENAPLEX® remedies are available solely as dilutions, which are gradually absorbed via saliva, oral mucus membranes and the digestive tract, supporting the functions of conversion, absorption and enzymatic action.

Compendium of REGENAPLEX® remedies

The 228 REGENAPLEX that we supply in our assortment are homeopathic complex remedies. They don’t have invented names but have designated numbers and are put together by the therapist according to a modular system.


REGENAPLEX produced under license

REGENAPLEX produced under license can be ordered from Mithras Apotheke: